Take it easy in the Lao PDR aka Laos – where time seems to stand still,

unlike this almost perfect time-keeping antique

8in / 20cm Mantle Clock

Junghans Meister Mantel Clock

Please help me identify or value this Junghans 'Meister' 8-day 8-inch diameter mantel clock
with unique see-through convex glass case containing the movement and numerals.

The clock is well over 60 years old and has kept almost perfect time for 3 generations of my
family in 7 countries on 4 continents. This clock is almost certainly of post-WWII
manufacture, and while it looks somewhat art deco but with Roman numerals. However,
it is more likely to be mid-century modern.  The back of the movement is stamped
"14 Rubis, J46". The brass plating of the case is discoloured with age.

I have yet to find another example of this particular model as of late 2016,
having looked at hundreds of images of Junghans clocks and seen a few
similar designs but nothing that fully resembles this one of mine.
Was it perhaps custom-made? It's not for sale, by the way.

Grateful for any information sent to: phan @ lao-pdr.com


Junghans Mantle Clock J46 14 Rubis     Junghans See-through mantel clock - side view